Analyze the positioning and advantages of the clients

Assign competent staff to scrutinize each case and conduct extensive analysis

Set precise and in-depth targets

Monitor closely and recommend appropriate actions in handling crisis

Make a successful listing

A corporate practice registered with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public
Accountants. (The “HKICPA”)


Founded in 2007, Elite Partners CPA Limited (the “Elite Partners” or “We”) is
accredited as an Authorized Employer by the HKICPA and provides quality
training to prospective student members aiming to become Certified Public
Accountants in years ahead.


We share with clients our financial and strategic expertise and offer them
innovative solutions well adopted to their immediate and future needs.
Our employees’ training, professionalism and skills make them top-rated advisers.


Elite Partners specializes in Audit and Assurance, Control and Compliance,
Mergers and Acquisition Transaction and Taxation.